People have always equated the West to development and the East to poverty and poor Lifestyle. This was probably the notion of people until the latter quarter of this century. After that, countries like China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia have managed to change this perception of the Far East Asian countries in the best. All these countries have developed because of their excessive natural resources, the altitude of the people, the undying commitment to create their country to become one of the best and more importantly, to conquer the economy of the world and to get a Lion’s share of something that they can be proud of, both in terms of attitude and money.

However, if there is one country that stands distinct in the list of places that have made it big, it has to be the city state of Singapore. Singapore is a small country that lies in the Southern tip of the Malaysian Peninsula and it is geographically smaller than a lot of cities in India including Bangalore. However, in all of this, Singapore has managed to carve a niche for itself in doing a distinct player in world economy and in controlling trade of Southeast Asia. There are a lot of people who travel to Singapore not only for visiting the places of interest in tourism but also in seeking career opportunities in a place that can be considered as one of the most develop when it comes to per capital income.

All the greatness of Singapore Comes down to the attitude of people and that is probably the only attributable reasons as to why Singapore is so good and distinct. It has the discipline of Japan and the mindset of the United States that make it get the best of both. With the able leadership of people like Lee Kwan, Singapore managed to go up the ladder of economy and lifestyle to make it one of the most expensive places on the planet to live in, putting it on par with the American Metropolitan cities like New York and Los Angeles.

What did Singapore do to achieve this greatness? If we look back at history, Singapore did not do anything different but it did a lot of good things in a very organized fashion and in quick succession. It might be argued that Singapore might have the power to execute it in the easiest way possible because of the small land area, but on the other hand, to accommodate one of the largest bird sanctuaries and zoological parks in the small area of land is also a great thing to have been done by Singapore. It is the brilliant balance that’s Singapore has stuck between the development of nature, development of human resources and the development of infrastructure that has made Singapore one of the greatest epitomes of development and Lifestyle improvement. 

It Might be said easier in words that these are the things that Singapore stands for. It is only after you take a Singapore package that you will be able to understand what the greatness of this place is all about. With the amazing travel options available and the presence of some of the best hotel brands in the world, Singapore is never going to disappoint you when it comes to a completely planned trip. This is the business history of Singapore in recent years