Pondicherry is a union territory that stands apart from any other union territories in India. There are a few union territories that have their history attributed to different colonial powers than that of the British. There are various colonial powers that have ruled India in the past, namely the Portuguese, the Dutch and the French.

Many places in India have retained to the colonial flavour and it can be best filled in places like Goa that is quite Portuguese in every sense and when it comes to the French influence in India, nothing scenes better and Louder Than Pondicherry.

Pondicherry is situated on the coast which makes it a great place not just for history but also for experiencing beaches. Located somewhere in the North Eastern belt of Tamilnadu, the tropical beaches of Bay of Bengal have provided Pondicherry and opportunity to create a lot of Beach Resorts.

With just being 3 hours away from a bustling Metropolitan like Chennai, Pondicherry is one of the primary sources of distressing especially for the people of Chennai who generally tend to have busy weekdays. The east coast road that connects Pondicherry to Chennai is considered to be one of the most scenic drives in the Indian subcontinent.

We have compiled a list of best beach resorts in Pondicherry which you could consider experiencing on your Pondicherry tour package.

Le Pondy :

Best Resort

Any mention of the beach resort and Pondy together in a sentence with immediately take up the memories of this amazing Beach Resort that is situated on the Kadaloor Road. The Le Pondy Resort has been a continuous favourite for people who would like to experience a classy stay in the union territory.

With its own private beach, well-appointed rooms and especially, the Infinity Pool, Le Pondy is an amazing Resorts that anyone who is on a tour package to Pondy can look forward to staying at. The lavish menu of the restaurant and the amazing selection of cocktails and alcohol at their bar makes it an even better experience. The rustic and eerie feel of the interiors of the resort is something that everyone will Treasure for a lifetime!

Ocean Spray :

Pondicherry Resort

Technically, this resort might not be in Pondicherry. However, it is not an exaggeration to say that people who even consider during Pondicherry would not hesitate to stay in this resort in spite of the distance because of the Exotic staying options that this resort offers.

Ocean Spray is a massive Resort spread over a sprawling area and it also houses Lake within its compound. There might not be a private beach but there is one small Road that leads to the beach which gives it an almost private experience. The food at this resort is nothing short of fabulous and the drinks are quite good as well.

However, it is to be noted that the drinks in here do not comply to the union territory rates but rather to the rates of the state of Tamil Nadu. Morning in this resort is quite a refreshing experience and there are rooms that overlook the man-made Lake which gives it quite an extraordinary experience.

French Riviera :


If someone would like to experience Pondy in its most French style, this resort is something that you can look forward to! The resort might not feature a lot of Exotic or extraordinary amenities. however, this resort is sure to transport or rather teleport you into the colonial touch of Pondicherry with a strong French influence and if you are someone who looks forward to just a different feeling of being away from the normal lifestyle than to have tampered with superficial features like swimming pool and private beach, this is the resource that you will need to check into and we firmly believe that you will not be disappointed.

Lily pool Villa :

Villas In Pondi

Just beside the fabled Le Pondy on the same Kadaloor Road like this small get amazing Resort. This resort has a very old school feel to it and it can be felt in every element of the resort including but not limited to the furniture, the bedding and even the vast balcony that opens into a meticulously appointed greenery that is bound to leave you with a sense of inexplicable joy.

Pondicherry has so much to offer in terms of beach resorts and it is only right that you pack your bags just for the simple Joy of experiencing what it feels to be in colonial France! This is what India can get closest to watch colonial France had been.