Do you want to know how to win as quickly as possible? Play with the tomb raider slot review right now. There's a lot of money in addition to fun! Without an iota of the question, Goa is the party capital of India. The strong Portuguese influence of Goa can not only be seen at the architecture and the churches of Old Goa but also in the late back and chilled out the lifestyle of new Goa as well. What makes Goa one of the most splendid places to party is the abundance of beaches that you can find in almost every NOOK and corner of the long coastline of this state. There are different beach resorts in Goa that would give you an amazing experience of staying in this place.

Goa is the go-to vacation for many people all around India. It is overnight from the information technology capital and the commercial capital of India. There are buses and trains that connect Goa to both Bangalore and Mumbai. In addition to this, there are also flight and train connections from Chennai and Hyderabad, and it is a great destination for someone who likes to plan a long weekend full of fun, frolic, and party.

While India has an amazing stretch of coastline starting right from Kolkata and going on through to Kutch, the small strip of coastline on Goa is very special because of the abundance of Exotic Beach Resorts. These Beach Resorts or unlike any other in India in terms of the lifestyle, the food options, the company, the passive entertainment options and more importantly, the mood of the beaches and the parties.

We have compiled a list of some of the most amazing beach resorts in Goa. This could be surely considered as your option to stay during your visit to go on a Goa tour package.

Park Hyatt Beach Resort :

Park Resort

Ask any person who would love to enjoy an exotic stay in Goa without compromising on the elements of luxury, and the Numero Uno answer would be Park Hyatt resorts in Goa. The resort packs everything it takes to become a Holistic staying and party experience.

This hotel has been appointed rooms that have amazing wedding features and this hotel is complete with a lavish swimming pool which gives you the much-needed refreshment after your yesterday night party. Talking of parties, this hotel as one of the best dance floors in the entire Goa and it would not be uncommon to see some wild moves happening on the dance floor.

Vivanta by Taj Aguada :


Eduardo was one of the most fortified structures that were built by the Portuguese in places other than Portugal. Today, it stands as a Majestic Fort overlooking the Arabian Sea. However, with the commercial interest of the tortoise, this Fort has dedicated a part of it into becoming a place of stay. The Vivanta by Taj situated in the complex of the Fort Aguada gives you a feel of how it would have been for the Portuguese aristocrats to have stayed in here.

Leela Palace :

Leela In Goa

Leela Palace is a name that is quite associated with the luxurious stay and it is common to many cities in India. The state of Goa is not an exception to the golden rule. Leela Palace in Goa offers luxurious options for stay and the private beach for this resort is one of the most lavish in Goa. This place is blessed with a lot of amenities including but not limited to swimming pool, Spa jacuzzi and one of the most Elite yet wild dance floors in Goa.

Although staying in here might not be considered a great option when it comes to the economy, the experience that you get in here is nothing short of awesome!

The park at Calangute :

park Resort

The Park hotel at Calangute is perfectly perched, both in terms of location and in terms of price as well. Located at one of the most happening beaches of Goa with respect to adventure activities and parties, the park at Calangute is a great place for you to experience Goa at its fine-point.this place, in addition to having lavish amenities like swimming pool and a private beach, also puts you at an easy access to a lot of places including but not limited to Aguada, Baga Beach which is a party capital of Goa, Anjuna Beach which is the hipster capital of Goa and a lot of Exotic places in North Goa including Arambol.

Villa Anjuna :

Villa Resort

Not all places that give amazing beach experiences have to be exotic and exorbitant. Some of the places in Goa might be quietly laid back in the Ambience, might look quite Pristine in their appearance but still give you an amazing option for stay and experience. One such place is Villa Anjuna. Located at just about minutes from Anjuna Beach, this place is a great option for you to unwind and stay in Goa without compromising a lot on the economy or the location.

Villa Anjuna has all the basic amenities that you would require in Goa like an in-house restaurant, a bar, a swimming pool, and Spa options. If you would like to spend a lot less money but a lot of time when you are in Goa, you can surely consider staying in here!

Goa is the go-to destination for a lot of people who would like to break away from the stone reverse Lifestyle that today’s world of employment has brought in. There is nothing that comes down and rejuvenates people than a dose of blue waters and bars. Goa has all it takes two make a perfect dream destination for people who love beaches and if you would like to combine the experience of your stay with the touch of waves at your feet, beach resorts in Goa are the way to go forward.