Jaipur, as we all know, is the city of royals and the very name of the state for which it is a capital to, Rajasthan, means that the place is an award of the Royals. The most expensive Railway tour package in the world, the palace on wheels, makes Jaipur and essential place in their sequence of locations to visit. Such is the importance and the royal connotation of Sherpur. Given all of these aspects, the accommodation in Jaipur is not an exception to being Royal. There are a lot of palaces of the Rajputs that have been acquired by a lot of conglomerate industrialists and have been converted into luxury hospitality centres that serve today as 5 star and 7 star hotels. Only here you are always welcome, together with £10 free no deposit mobile casino you have no equal!

It is the presence of these hotels that makes India a great place for the people from abroad to visit, especially when they come on a royal package covering Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner and Udaipur. This place is not only give a lot of hospitality which is default attribute of Indians, but it also showcases the architectural excellence, the intricacies and the taste for elite things that the Rajput had. We have compiled below, a list of the top 5 most luxurious hotels to stay in Jaipur.

Rambagh Palace

The Rambagh Palace was built in the 19th Century and was, as the name implies, meant to be a Rajput Palace. The very structure of this hotel trumpets the palace nature of it. In the year 1972, the Taj Group of hotels, which is now currently owned by the TATA Group, took over this place and converted this amazing Palace into a Heritage Hotel with 79 rooms including a suite room for the kings and Queens. All of the rooms are decorated in quiet and antique style with a lot of silk and other expensive materials that were used as upholstery by the Royals. The peacock sweet, which is considered to be the most luxurious and expensive sweet in the hotel overlooks a terrace that was built in the Mughal architecture. As with any other star category Hotel, this palace comes equipped with an indoor Pool, Tennis Court, Golf Course, horse riding Business Centre, fine dining, fitness Centre, volleyball court and a lot others that make a stay in this hotel or very holostik experience of hospitality. No wonder, this hotel has been a recipient of a lot of awards. As a side note, you can also enjoy playing polo in this hotel and sometimes, you can enjoy even playing or watching elephant Polo, but it is only made available upon request and some extravagant payment as well!

The Oberoi rajvilas

There are a lot of hotels in Jaipur that reflect the royal style of the Rajasthan rajput. Want search hotel is the Oberoi rajvilas. It has created a palace like Resort on 32 acres of land and it becomes more complete with swimming pools, pavilions and every other element that the palaces of the Rajputs had to make it as close as it can be to a palace. There are multiple categories of rooms including villas, luxury tents and sweet rooms. Like many other luxury hotels in Jaipur, this one was constructed from the scratch and it has a lot of modern amenities because the default architecture did not hamper any of the progress is that needed to be made. Each room has a great tasteful and explicit decoration with canopies, outdoor decks and antique upholstery. Being a modern Hotel, this place comes attached with a lot of amenities like golfing, Chennai, Fitness Club, theatre, executive Retreat, Business Centre and an outdoor pool. In addition to all of these, there is a Museum that houses a lot of artefacts from different times of the Rajput Era. The Thai Spa inside the hotel is quite a relaxing experience and the restaurants inside the hotel serve food from all corners of the world including Continental, Mediterranean and essentially Indian!

ITC Rajputana

This hotel is one of the most lavish hotels in Jaipur and the whole of Rajasthan. This 5 star hotel brings together, all the essence that is Rajasthani with all the elements of Royal decor. There are about 218 rooms that reflect the authentic royal style of Rajasthan. There are about 55 Chambers, 46 Royal rose and even a club room. The presidential Suite which is considered to be the most expensive place in this hotel to stay in comes completely equipped with everything that makes you feel like a Rajput king. This hotel is so large that it has a lot of amenities within itself like shopping, Museum, theatre, fine dining, outdoor pool, and a lot more. There is even a paediatric clinic that is available inside the hotel. The very location of this hotel which puts a lot of attractions within the 10 km radius makes it even more growth option for the rich people to stay.

Lebua Resort

It has to be remembered that the Rajput where not always about having luxurious palaces and Royal Thrones. They enjoyed being in Commune with nature as well. This is how the lebua resort look like. It overlooks the Aravali Hills which was the eye Candy of a lot of Rajput who loves nature. This is essentially A boutique Spa destination that is a great place for you to break away and unwind from your strenuous and stressful Lifestyle. The Mediterranean and the Indian Spa treatments are sure to relax you and rejuvenate you. The place has a limited but great selection of wine and food. You can enjoy a lot of relaxing activities like stargazing, camel riding, kite flying, hot air balloon ride and a lot more. This is what is so dedicated to nature that you can even consider booking and ecological tourism activities from here.


The Fairmont in Jaipur is a perfect Confluence of the modern and the Classic. It has a lot of amenities like dining, fitness, outdoor pool, Business Centre, Pa, theatre, museum and a lot more and it becomes more completed with about 255 rules that give you a great view of the surrounding areas. This hotel is located in the heart of the city and is quite accessible by airport. Very look of this hotel is bound to leave you spell bound with a state of pleasurable confusion if it looks classic or modern!

Jaipur, with all of its awesomeness, only gets bigger and better with this amazing accommodation options. After all, is a city talks about how Royal it was, it is best that the city reflects all the attributes of being Royal in the accommodation option that it’s providing as well. It has to be appreciated that the biggest hospitality brand names in India including the Tata, ITC and Oberoi are taking care to make sure that the image of India does not even Falta a little bit especially with the people from abroad who visit Jaipur with a prejudice that it is the city that once made Rolls Royce as the garbage truck!