Day: December 24, 2018

Pleasant Beach Resort In Srilanka Must Enjoy While Going With GF

Sri Lanka is surrounded by the Indian ocean. It is a tropical country. We can expect the rain anytime in the most parts. Sri Lanka is the best place for couples. It is surrounded by ocean, lush forests, rising mountain, waterfalls,  it was considered the paradise of water. The golden beaches of the country had been praised for their postcard picture views since eternity. It is an attractive place for all foreign travellers.

Marine activities such as sea bathing and swimming, surfing, boating, snorkelling, deep-sea fishing, underwater photography, and scuba diving, can be seen at most of these beaches and related resort areas. Beaches Arugam Bay, Beruwala, Bentota, Mirissa, Tangalle, Unawatuna, Pasikuda, Uppuveli, Negombo, Hikkaduwa are considered as famous tourist beaches in the country.

The train route from Jaffna to Colombo promises an eye-catching journey through the country. Sri Lanka is most famous for lush green tea. The plenty of new hotels and beach resort are opened in latest years. Many beaches resort has their own private beach. The experience of the trip to a beautiful place in Sri Lanka is incomplete without an even better stay experience, so pick the best one!

Mount Lavinia Hotel, Colombo

Mount Lavinia Hotel

Mount Lavinia Hotel is one the famous palace. Today, much of the colonial style of the place is kept undamaged. Rooms are very clean and lovely comfortable. The food was too good and the hotel was decorated in lantern from the full moon festival. The rooms were very nice and service on the mark. The beach was just a ramble away and lovely.

It provides complete privacy to the guest. You can enjoy the morning tea with beautiful seashore scenery in your room terrace. So, enjoy your Srilanka tour with our guide. Here, you can enjoy surfing, scuba diving, bike riding, dancing. We will make your days more fun and energetic. This place will make the guests including family, couple and friends forget their regular troubles and enjoy the blissful seclusion.

Villa at Taprobane Island – A private island

Taprobane Island

Sri Lanka’s only privately owned island. We can provide your entire travel facilities like from pickup to full tour in the city. We can also provide special mountain ride, surfing. There is a special facility like the book the entire house for complete privacy or just choose the Cinnamon Hill Suite which overlooks the sea and gardens for an amazing view.

Seafood is the specialty of this hotel. The most favourite lip-smacking food and multi-cuisine continental dishes. The staff are armed with warm smiles and are very quick in responding to requests. Non-intrusive and discreet, they understand the needs of their clients – honeymooners, and couples looking for peace and quiet.

There’s a gym, library and superb spa, as well as an infinity pool with an ample shallow wading section, though since many rooms have their own private pools the main pool is rarely crowded.

Peacock Hotel

Peacock Hotel

This resort is very close to the beach and just 1-minute walk from the beach. Peacock Hotel is one of the beautiful hotel situated just a few steps away from the beach.  You can Enjoy sweeping views of the Indian Ocean, Peacock Hotel rooms features are a sofa seating area and a private balcony. A front desk 24-hours service will be happy to assist with barbeque facilities, laundry services, and travel arrangements.

Guests can also utilize their car rental services to get around the city. Authentic Chinese and Sri Lankan cuisines can be enjoyed at Peacock Restaurant. For alternative dining options, room service is available. This resort is guests’ favourite part of Unawatuna, according to independent reviews. Couples particularly like the location.

Saman Villas

Beach Resort In SrilankaGlorious aqua-hued waters of the Indian Ocean gently lap fine golden sandy shores of the Southern coast of Sri Lanka. Here, you can find a unique and undeniably romantic boutique hotel that pushes the boundaries of luxury. Resorts provide much pleasure. Whether outdoor or indoor, swimming pools are always a hit with families.

Saman Villas feature a host of fun oceanfront amenities at an affordable price. You’ll love our indoor and outdoor pools and hot tubs! For kids a fun-filled blast in our large pool deck and sandbox.

Plus, we can provide unique amenities just for our visitors with pets. are just a few of the nearby options. There is a lot of perceived value in the inclusion of programs, lessons, and activities like snorkelling, skiing, geocaching, or zip-lining.



Ceylon latest creation is Wild Coast Tented Lodge, adjacent to the world-famous Yala National Park, renowned for its dense leopard population. This luxury tented resort is situated in a beautiful location where the jungle meets the shoreline, overlooking the Indian Ocean blue water.

The lodge’s 28 tented accommodations blend smoothly into the surrounding landscape thanks to the use of carefully selected natural materials. Aclu Full layout in the shape of a leopard’s paw print suggests to the area’s most famous resident. The air bamboo-clad dining pavilion – designed to mirror the boulders scattered across the golden beach beyond – wraps around the resort’s lovely free-form swimming pool.

They could focus on banquets and extravagant meetings or provide sports tournaments, cultural tours, or spa to keep their guest busy and happy. They may like this resort because of the destination. Regardless, they want their activities and meeting to go smoothly and take advantage of the resort climate and it’s like a leisure setting.

Peaceful Best beach Resorts In Chennai Must Enjoy With Family

If there is a famous place or a city that lies in one of the most prominent coastal areas, Beach Resorts are inevitable. There is no better place that is more qualified than Chennai in this regard. While places like Mumbai or more Cosmopolitan and lively, they do not have the essential features that could have amazing and picturesque Beach Resorts. While Goa might have an abundance of Beach Resorts, it is not as vibrant as Chennai is when it comes to the Cosmopolitan climate.

Chennai has the second longest beach on the planet. Marina Beach stretches about 13 km from its start to end and can be considered a signature of Chennai made with splashing waves. The Marina Sands at the resting place for prominent leaders, livelihood for the shopkeepers in the region and the lifeline of fishermen who live in places like pattinapakkam. However, this beach is a little too much into the urban concentration of the city that it might not be possible to have Beach Resorts in here.

Besant Nagar Beach all the Elliots beach might be a bit more relaxed than Marina but it is also urban nevertheless. The presence of temples and churches in the vicinity of the Besant Nagar Beach might not make this place appear like the one for beach resorts.

It is only at the commencement of the east coast road that stretches for into Mahabalipuram, Pondicherry, and Cuddalore that you realise that Chennai is an Abode of Amazing Beach Resorts. Starting right from neelankarai and Karapakkam and stretching until Pondicherry, the number of sea Resorts that you can find in these regions is nothing short of Amazing understanding.

These Beach Resorts are amazing getaways for people who are confined to the stressful and tight lifestyle of Chennai. It could be a person who would like to break away as an individual, or as a family, or with friends or even at a corporate level. There are Beach Resorts that fit almost every requirement that you might have for a break out at the beach.

Let us discuss of you Beach Resorts that could actually be named as some of the best in Chennai, and especially on the east coast road.

VGP Golden Beach Resort

Best beach Resorts In Chennai

For a long time, the very mention of the beach resorts good conduct the name of this place. Being situated close to an amusement park that is a treat for the entire family, and being close to Chennai in terms of accessibility and like many other Resorts, the Golden Beach is the go-to Resort for many families and people alike.

The private beach along with the amusement park makes a great Getaway. As if this wasn’t enough, the VGP Golden Beach also has its signature masala dosa that is enough to feed 324 people to fill their dummies. There is also a bar that is attached and serves great drinks but it might not always be relevant, especially when it comes to a family Getaway.

The VGP Golden Beach is situated just beyond the urban confines of the east coast road but within the reach of minibusses. It has become so important that the Madras Metropolitan Transport Corporation has dedicated a separate bus stop to this place. The use of the word Madras is because this place has been in existence even in the times when the city was known as Madras and Chennai.

MGM Beach Resort

MGM Beach

The VGP Golden Beach might have lost its charm over time as the preferred amusement park. This place was adequately filled in by a small theme park called little Fox for some time until the MGM Dizzee World took over. It was probably in the late 90s that this transition happened. The MGM resort is located literally parallel to the theme park.

The well-appointed rooms, the banquet area, the restaurants and the private beach of this resort make it a great place for you to unwind and relax especially during the weekends. A visit to the beach in the morning when you are enjoying your weekend could be just the meditative experience that you need.

The site of the Golden Goblet of the orange sun rising from the sea is quite a sight to behold. This place again is not quite far from the city and is easily accessible but not through buses but more through private transport. There are buses that connect MGM Dizzee World but the services are quite scanty.

Jade Resort

Jade Resort

PNot all Resorts have to have the connotation of being overnight locations or weekend destinations. The hectic lifestyle of Chennai demands that there should be Resorts that could adequately fit the requirement of having outings just lasting for a day. If it is going to last shot, it has to be memorable.

Considering all the parameters in this equation, the Jade Resort fits the bill, literally! It is the go-to Resort for people who would like to indulge in a lot of activities and enjoy scrumptious food in the name of going to a beach resort. This place has a lot of activities and sports like shuttle badminton, table tennis, football and solving.

In addition to this, the lavish Buffet also makes it a great place. If all of this wasn’t enough, the beach attached to the resort is also another place that you can look forward to when you would like to unwind with the Waves touching your feet.

Ideal beach resort

Ideal beach resort

If you would like to move far away from the city or not stay in the urban parameters of Chennai, the ideal beach resort is the place for you. You could probably check in at this place, enjoy the beaches, have some nice food or drinks, take a trip to Mahabalipuram to enjoy that side of the Pallava architecture, return to this place and get back to what you loved about this amazing resorts.

Ideal Beach Resort feels surely Paradise when it comes to the privacy that it offers especially on weekdays. With the kind of options that this resort offers in terms of food command drinks and entertainment activities, this place is literally an ideal spot for you to spend your weekends, and even more so if you could get a weekly off.

With so many options in place and with so many tourist spots in and around Chennai, Chennai surely makes a great City for you not just to spend the weekday exploring options to work in The vast and diverse economy but also to relax in the weekend with so many options of Beach Resorts all in the proximity of Chennai!